About me.

stefan meylaers playing the piano

What I do, and where I come from.

I’m active as a pianist, composer, teacher and producer. I’m affiliated with knst.Hasselt (Stedelijk Muziekconservatorium) and UCLL (University Colleges Leuven-Hasselt) and I’m regularly invited as a guest instructor and jury member. Several nominations at home and abroad, such as in Hollywood, New Dehli and Saint-Tropez, are on my credit. I recorded several CDs including "Cinematic Dreams" and "Stefan Meylaers, Portrait of a composer 1 & 2". I wrote music for important competitions such as Dexia Classics and gave performances all over the world. I have already performed twice, both as composer and solo pianist at Carnegie Hall (unique in Belgian music history) and at the United Nations Concert Hall.

In 2016 I composed the impressive and critically acclaimed concert spectacle "The Journey, a story about time" performed by more than 150 musicians. As a committed artist I wrote compositions such as "Fukushima", "Haiyan" and "New Orleans”. Under my wings as producer and composer, I created the short films "Oculus" (with Leah Thys and Ivan Pecnik), "Veraf" (with Matteo Simoni and Ella-June Henrard) and the music video "Haiyan". I also wrote the music for the short film "In A Landscape". In 2017, in collaboration with Roger van Damme and Piet Stockmans, I created "Pasión”, an ambitious international production about the power of passion. In 2018, I made the short film "The Four Loves" with one of the most important sculptors of our time, Lorenzo Quinn, earning several different nominations worldwide including twice that of best soundtrack. In 2020, I presented the piano album "Meander” to the public. In 2021 I wrote the music for the Musica Magica Show "When I Close My Eyes". 2022 was mainly marked by a ABBA tour and further studio recordings with my own work including "Once Upon A Time" & "Land Of The Dragons". Several compositions can be heard on Spotify and other streaming platforms.